Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 8/31/2017

Lesson with Bailey Cook

Started with a leg yield/shoulder in feel, moving him straight off his line, so we traveled toward centerline. Moving him off the line, on a diagonal line checks to make sure he is truly between the reins and legs. Staying on a straight line rather than going onto a circle to check the bend prevents him from letting his haunches slide out rather than staying under. The straight line lets you measure whether or not you are actually straight.

We picked up a trot and trotted large a few times, checking our rhythm and bend before going to a trot circle.

Following my seat lesson with Ginger on Saturday, I felt like I could find my right ilio-psoas anchor with might right rein and leg, especially going left. I felt like I could click in with Encore and then he could carry me while staying on a good connection and as he came through his back more, he didn’t feel heavy or bouncy.

When we went up to the canter,  I focused on feeling my seat bones in the trot so I could ask him with my inside seat bone and not fall out.

I feel like I was able to sit up better and over the outside ear. Encore’s canter felt through his back and less heavy. I felt like he stayed in my inside rein with more steadiness and stamina.

For one of our last transitions, I let him go up to the trot without staying round or around my inside leg. Bailey made us redo and reminded me to expect him to go correctly, especially once we are well into the ride and he is suppled.



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