Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 8/31/2017

Lesson with Bailey Cook Started with a leg yield/shoulder in feel, moving him straight off his line, so we traveled toward centerline. Moving him off the line, on a diagonal line checks to make sure he is truly between the reins and legs. Staying on a straight line rather than going onto a circle to… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 8/31/2017

Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 8/10/17

(Lesson with Bailey Cook.) Started with a stretchy, forward warmup. We rode large figures to let him get loose and forward, even though he was a bit flat. As he warmed up we gradually asked for more bend, flexion, and engagement of his hind end. The bulk of the lesson was focused on some lateral… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 8/10/17

Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 7/29/17

This exercise was focused on suppling Encore and getting him forward while skipping the heavy, head-waggy phase. Pattern: V: 10m circle right, 2nd half of the circle set up to ride across the diagonal V-M: Medium walk across the diagonal, haunches in (to the right) C: Canter left S: 15m circle left S-F: Diagonal line,… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 7/29/17