“I started riding at age 48, but didn’t take my first lesson until age 62. The program at my barn was structured to allow primarily for group lessons. Knowing that I needed individual help & having observed what an accomplished rider Ashley had become, I asked if she would help me in private lessons.

Ashley has a keen sense of observation while watching a rider. I needed to center my ride, to stay in balance with my horse. We worked on my position in the saddle; arms shoulders, back, hips, thighs, calves, ankles, feet. It was a great experience on my riding journey, which improved my ride, and gave me information that I still draw on today.  Ashley is the kind of teacher that finds accomplishments that deserve praise, and your lesson always ends with a sense of success.”


“Ashley Rumple is a phenomenal rider and instructor. I have worked with Ashley, and I am constantly amazed by her ability to relate to young riders, and help them grow into seasoned equestrians.  She takes the time to explain to students in a way they can understand, with unfaltering patience.  Ashley and I worked with children in a group lessons, during a summer employment.  I can say that not only was the lesson organized, but it was instructional, as well as fun, which is a key component of lessons with Ashley.  After all, riding is fun, and Ashley makes sure that her lessons are educational and enjoyable.

Ashley has the ability to turn problem horses around, and fix troubling behavior. I have seen her ride everything from green, rebellious youngsters to stubborn, veteran ponies, and I believe there are few horses that she would not be able ride or work with. She rises to a challenge and meets it heads on, and will always produce amazing results in and out of the show ring.”