Private and semi-private/group lessons for older kids and adults on your horse or one of  Equetec’s lesson horses.

Private pony school lessons for children.

Our lesson program for kids includes all aspects of riding: catching, grooming, tacking, and about 30-40 minutes of actual riding time depending on the child’s age and ability to focus.

A lifetime rider and competitor, Ashley Rumple, has a degree in Psychology, camp counselor experience, and loves working with kids of all ages.

The lesson will be a private ride and lead lesson to learn basic balance and communication skills before being taken off the line. This ensures safety and prevents a false sense of security. Our horses and ponies are sensitive, safe, and wonderful teachers. They patiently mirror the rider as they grow in skill and confidence.

Training Rides

Clinics on Dressage for Jumping and Natural Horsemanship

Coaching at shows

Grooming, clipping, and mane pulling

House and Farm Sitting