Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 8/31/2017

Lesson with Bailey Cook Started with a leg yield/shoulder in feel, moving him straight off his line, so we traveled toward centerline. Moving him off the line, on a diagonal line checks to make sure he is truly between the reins and legs. Staying on a straight line rather than going onto a circle to… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 8/31/2017

Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 8/5/17

Leg Yield Day! Started with simple warmup in jump field, WTC on straight lines In leg yield- worked on feeling inside hind in turn, getting straight, and then using half-halts more effectively to create the crossing of the legs. Focus on getting him to step over as much as forward, not over then forward then… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 8/5/17

Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes: Encore 7/29/17

This exercise was focused on suppling Encore and getting him forward while skipping the heavy, head-waggy phase. Pattern: V: 10m circle right, 2nd half of the circle set up to ride across the diagonal V-M: Medium walk across the diagonal, haunches in (to the right) C: Canter left S: 15m circle left S-F: Diagonal line,… Continue reading Lesson Notes: Encore 7/29/17